Monday, 19 September 2011

Week 04 – A Film Starring the Last Celebrity I Saw in Real Life

The last celebrity I saw in real life.... well, yesterday I was taken to see the filming of a TV show; 'Argumental'. I hadn't liked the previous series, I find it pretty unfunny in general. But this series is presented by one of my favourite comedians, Sean Lock. Unfortunately, I don't think that Sean has done any films yet, but if his acting in '15 Storeys High' is anything to go by, we can only hope he's working on a film project.

One of the team captains there was Robert Webb, who has definitely been in a couple of films. Films I've seen. Films I never want to see again! 'Magicians' was dull. 'Confetti' even duller. I don't want to dwell on the films. It's too depressing. Too formulaic. Too easy.

So, the previous celebrity sighting was at this year's Beer Festival. After many, many ales, a couple of pies and the company of my lovely Turner lads, Adrian Edmondson, another of my favourite comedians, walked onto the stage. He was playing with his band; folk covers of punk songs. Perfect! But, again, I'm pretty strapped for films. He is, of course, in 'Guest House Paradiso'. A fantastic piece of cinema comedy. I love this film! I love the chaos and debauchery of this riotous piece of British cinema. BUT I wanted to use this film in a later question. So I'm skipping Ade! Because it's my pissing blog and I can do whatever I like!

Onto the next one!

We're in New York in February and it's damn cold. Eleanor and I have fought our way through the snow and the freezing winds and we've finally seen a little sunshine. We've seen the statue of Liberty, Times Square, Wall Street, the Chrysler and the Empire State Buildings. We've eaten weird rice puddings, Junior's, Cinnabon and Mcdonald's. I've ice-skated in Central Park (El watched), we've played on that huge piano from 'Big' and done the 'Sex and the City' tour of Manhattan. Today is our last day and whilst in the NBC gift shop we're given free tickets to see the rehearsal of 'Late Night with Jimmy Fallon'. This, weirdly, is just Jimmy Fallon in front of an audience of around twenty of us, testing his jokes for the evening. What a lovely way to end the week.

Jimmy Fallon...... erm...... he was in 'Whip it' (trite) and 'Factory Girl' (depressing) and (the only one I didn't have to check IMDB for) 'Almost Famous' and he doesn't star in any of them!

So, "back to ze business". Ugh!

Hayley and I are in a cocktail bar in Leicester Square. We're on the balcony at the premiere for 'Despicable Me' but we are just too late and everyone has gone in. But after peering over the railing for a good half an hour we catch a glimpse of Steve Carrell leaving the cinema. Steve Carrell! He's a long way down but the shouts of "Steve!!" from the crowd is a pretty good indication! Shortly after this sighting I spilt a tray of cocktails over myself and we had to leave. I smelt of vodka all the way home.

Huzzah! My hunt is at an end! Steve Carrell's in proper movies and everything. And do you know what, I don't think I need to tell you what I thought of any of his films. Suffice to say; if you don't find 'Anchorman' funny, you're basically dead inside.

"I would like to extend to you an invitation to the pants party"

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